Friday, February 18, 2011

Cosmic Confetti Cake

A franken made with 1/2 Essie "Nude Beach" and 1/2 Ulta "Starstruck". I added a top coat of Starstruck because I wanted more of a holo glitter finish.

Friday, February 11, 2011

OPI "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

I'm very excited for the "Silver Shatter" and "Stranger Tides"!
**The above picture courtesy of Claire from**

OPI "Femme De Cirque"

For the sheer polish lovers:

"So Many Clowns...So Little Time" - a pale cream with a hint of pink

"In The Spot Light Pink" - a soft candy pink

"I Juggle Men" - a very sheer translucent white with blue duochrome-y micro glitter

"Step Right Up" - a sheer pink

White and Silver Shatter by OPI!

I'm kicking myself for not running to Ulta on January 24th when they told me the Katy Perry Collection and Black Shatter would be in stock. I have since gotten 2 of the colors I wanted, "Not Like The Movies" (I love it!) and "Last Friday Night"(I'm a little disappointed). But I'm still drooling over "Black Shatter". At first I thought I could live without it. But as I organize my polish collection, I am finding all these colors that I feel would just go GREAT with the shatter effect. I finally caved into the desire. I'm looking online to buy "Black Shatter" right now as I post this. :)
I came across some interesting information. OPI will be releasing a white and a silver shatter polish in April! I am aware that China Glaze is releasing a Crackle Glaze collection, but I hadn't heard about these follow up Shatter colors from OPI.

The White Shatter will be paired with another color in a Serena Williams Grand Slam collection. Check out that awesome gold color! I love white and gold polish combos! :)

*Edit*- The gold polish is called "Spark De Triomphe", a cool toned dense gold glitter with sparse larger glitter mixed in.
What do you think? Do you like the return of the shatter/crackle polish trend?