6/10/12- OPI Black Spotted (I know it is a long shot but do any French ladies wanna do a swap? Or I'd pay! $$$) Also...Barielle Elle's Spell

5/21/12---- Right now I realllly want the Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes listed:
Aqua Lily, IKB:2012, Halcyon, Cuprum, Scrangie.... BUT ESPECIALLY AQUA LILY!! :)

I love unique polish!

Magnetic Polish

Stamping plates and accesories (Konad, Bundlemonster, ect)

Solvent resistant glitter
Empty polish bottles (or even old (unique shaped) bottles of polish that I could clean out with acetone)
Stainless steel balls


Barielle- Elle's Spell

Barry M- Instant Nail Effects Blue Print

China Glaze- White Cap

Anything from the "Kaleidoscope Collection" but in particular:
China Glaze- Sexagon
China Glaze- He's Going In Circles
China Glaze- It's My Turn
China Glaze- Lets Do It In 3D
China Glaze- Octa-Gone Wild

Anything from the "OMG Collection" but in particular:
China Glaze- DV8
China Glaze- L8R G8R
China Glaze- LOL
China Glaze- IDK

Cult Nails- Unicorn Puke

Del Sol- Ruby Slipper
Del Sol- Secret Crush
Del Sol- Sunkissed

I'm Feeling Nail Venturous- Voodoo Doll
I'm Feeling Nail Venturous- Flying Blue Jay
I'm Feeling Nail Venturous- Grand Opening
I'm Feeling Nail Venturous- Peacock Gone Wild
I'm Feeling Nail Venturous- Broken Vase

Lynnderella- (Anything!!!! But in particular): Very Pretty Vampire, Connect the Dots   :)

Maybelline- Colorama #25 Shimmer Girl

Nfu Oh- 59

Nubar- Reclaim

OPI- Black Spotted

OPI- DS Glamour
OPI- DS Desire

Orly- Fowl Play

Ozotic- Elytra 528
Ozotic- Elytra 529
Ozotic- Elytra 530

Ozotic- Reef 506
Ozotic- Sands 502
Ozotic- Eclipse 505
Ozotic- Sunset 521
Ozotic- Twilight 504

Sally Hansen Color Prisms (any color, but especially Turquoise Opal)

Sancion Angel (any of the Flakies, Pure Glam, or "Jupiter")

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Aqua Lily
Rescue Beauty Lounge- Halcyon
Rescue Beauty Lounge- IKB:2012
Rescue Beauty Lounge- Scrangie
Rescue Beauty Lounge- Cuprum

Zoya- Crystal