Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Iridescent duochrome glitter/flakies

Reminds me of a glittery soap bubble:

  1 coat Sally Hansen (Lustre Shine)- Moonstone
2 coats Revlon- Heavenly
1 coat Nicole by OPI (Selena Gomez Collection)- Heavenly Angel
2 coats Poshe topcoat 

I have been trying to get this effect for awhile. Finally found the right combination of polish. Still not exactly what I wanted, but pretty close! I'm glad there has been a bunch of iridescent glitters coming out lately from various brands.
It also kind of reminds me of Falcor from the NeverEnding Story.

(picture from here)


  1. OMG!!! This is so cute! Love the color and the glitters on it. I find it light and classy. Perfect for everyday wear. i also love the never ending story =)

  2. I saw this and wondered what it would look like swatched

  3. That looks amazing. I love iridescent glitters :)

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