Monday, December 6, 2010

DUPE ALERT!! Happy Birthday vs Gems

I have been on a serious glitter kick lately! I think the OPI Burlesque Collection got me started!

After I found the dollar store BSN glitter that reminded me of Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday" I decided to go out and seek the real deal. I was considering spending $18 for the full bottle, but then I saw a cute little set of 3 mini DL polishes that came complete with a mini plastic carry case for $25. The colors were: "Happy Birthday", "Wicked Game", and "Dark Side of the Moon". While I am happy I finally got my hands on some DL polishes, I am SOOOO happy I didn't buy the full size of "Happy Birthday"!

I was at CVS yesterday and I saw a new display from Milani called Rockstar Heavy Glitter. The first one that caught my eye was "Gems". It was $4.99 and I knew I had to get it (along with the other glitters in the line)! These new Milani polishes are advertised as being a one coat glitter. Sounds good to me!

Here is a quick comparison between the two:

"Gems" is more dense with glitter than "Happy Birthday". The different sizes and colors of glitter are exactly the same except "Happy Birthday" has pink hexagonal glitter, while "Gems" does not. This is barely noticeable and only a true nail fanatic would notice such a difference.

Overall I think Milani did a great job with this color. I am surprised, but I think I like the Milani version better!

EDIT: If we are not basing it on price, I think I like Deborah Lippmann version better. Since it less dense than "Gems", "Happy Birthday" is better for layering over another polish. Although it isn't too apparent in my swatches, "Happy Birthday" has more of a rainbow confetti feel than "Gems". "Gems" has more of a Christmas feel, which I don't really care for. (Yes, I am a slight Grinch.)


  1. i think i like gems better :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love seeing dupes (or close substitutes), especially for $$$ polish so I don't have to waste my money, LOL! Because I'm cheap like that :X

  3. Such a fun color. I know, I too am debating spending 18 on a bottle of polish, but it's so cute! Lucky you found some great dupes! xx

  4. Thats the ultimate christmas/ fun glitter!

  5. Love glitter and tohse nails look so gorgeous!!Lovely job doll!!!

  6. actually i have gems on right now and i've spotted two pink octagons so far...suck it DL!