Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BSN "Remix"

I found this gem at my local dollar store. The brand is BSN (Beauty Sense of NY) and the color name is "Remix". The first thing I thought of when I was applying it was that it reminds me of Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday". I don't own "Happy Birthday", but the most obvious difference I can see from checking out swatches online is that "Remix" doesn't have any green in it. Only pink, red, blue, and the tiny gold glitter.

This is 2 thick coats. the first coat dried quickly but the second coat took awhile. It had a funny chemical smell, but it has since disappeared.

The bottom label had something I have never seen before on a nail polish. An expiration date! Apparently this is good until January 2014!


  1. Wow Ive never seen an expiration date! Its true that some bottles get old but ive never seen a date. Ive never heard of this brand but the glitter looks like so much fun on you!

  2. Hi! I have a bunch of BSN nail polishes. There are two bottle shapes: that round one you have, and a square shape. The square shaped bottled don't have an expiration date, but the round ones do.

    I really want to keep my BSN polishes until January 2014 to see what happens to them!

  3. I am sure I will still have a bottle or two of BSN when January 2014 rolls around. I have a few old polishes, the oldest is from 1996! I have been meaning to wear it, but I am afraid it will stain my nails. I wonder if the BSN bottle will self destruct at 12:01 am January 1, 2014? :D