Saturday, September 10, 2011

Uh oh. I'm on a rant.

Uh oh. I think someone just pissed off a lot of bloggers. Hannah Lee from Nailsmag. Check out the article here. And the "apology" here.

I have yet to meet a nail technician who is as passionate about nails as I am.

Yes, they do it for a living and have expertise on things that I am not licensed or trained to do. No, they are not always up on the latest nail trends. I once asked for a leopard print design and I got a crazy look. Really?? Leopard print? Any nail art blogger worth their salt could do that with their eyes closed!

The very few times a year I get my nails professionally done, I pretty much always bring my own polish. Why? Because I'm bored with the usual selection of Essie sheers and pinks and a few outdated OPIs. And guess what? Nearly every time I get complimented on the "unique" color I bring. Also I introduced OPI Black Shatter to my local nail salon last winter/spring. I had it on my nails when I came in for a wax and the OWNER loved it. She took down the name and bought it for her salon. But anyone who reads nail blogs knew about OPI Shatter for months before it was available to the public.

Once I discovered nail blogs my interest in nails grew exponentially. I always had a fascination with nail polish but reading blogs really opened my eyes to a whole new world of color, design, products, and style. I now know how to take better care of my nails, not because of a nail tech but because of the blogs I read. I am not a professional blogger, nor am I a consistent blogger, but my friends ask me for color advice and tips and tricks. When someone asks me about something I don't know, I don't pretend to know. I am not a professional... yet? LOL. I am considering getting into the field. And you know what? If I did, I would still read blogs and take inspiration from them. Because if you care enough to spend your free time seeking out products, swatching, taking photographs, reviewing, and writing... you must really love it. When you are passionate about something you want to know as much as you can about the subject.

I understand that the article was written with the intended audience to be nail professionals. But why the harsh words toward nail bloggers? Calling us polish junkies looking for free handouts? Most bloggers buy their own products and review/promote. Nail techs have the license and training, but bloggers do more for companies because we advertise for free for them.  Maybe the nail industry needs to step up their game a little bit. If there was a TRENDY, clean, local salon with a better selection of polish, I would probably get my nails done professionally more often. Perhaps the problem lies within the consumer. Do people accept these tired trends of harsh square shaped french tipped acrylics/polish with a frosty 90's finish because that is all they are offered? Or is it because this is what most people like? I feel like if certain salons promoted new trends, it would bring some excitement and possibly more business.

I want to thank all the nail bloggers out there. Keep doing what you are doing! I am so glad I have discovered a community of people from around the world who share my hobby. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and pictures. You all are awesome! <3


  1. Wow that's crazy I can't believe someone would be so angry towards nail bloggers all the nail bloggers I've had the pleasure of interacting with are sweethearts! I don't see how any one can have hate towards them(us) don't we have the right to blog about what we love and are passionate about? I think she probably upset a lot of people over this...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh and I wanted to add evey nail salon I've been too sucks balls they are rude and pushy and never get what I ask right and the last time I went the girl cut all my fingers up it was the last time I will ever have my nails done.

  3. I focus on the aspect of polish that I do so a lot of that is eliminated for me but with the exception of TKB who sent my free samples for working on beta testting/project for them, no one hands me freebies, hence why I blog and review when I get burned by a bad product because why should anyone else get burned too. I don't read the magazine and didn't know about the article until your entry but it was flat out offensive.

  4. Well, isn't that one of the great thing with blog that one discovers so much products that one would never come across on a daily base if those blogs never existed?! Great post and great thoughts! Thanks for your kind words on our blog. No to answer your question, I do feel that my eyes are more green but sometimes they look more yellow green up close. If I take a few steppes back and look into the mirror they could suddenly appear to be darker grey! Weird. Would you mind take picture of your eyes? So curious of how your eyes looks like....