Tuesday, April 24, 2012

China Glaze "Aquadelic" and OPI "Pirouette My Whistle"

Ok I can not believe I'm saying this but... I am glitter bombed out! I have always liked glitter, but I think once the Burlesque Collection from OPI came out (late 2010) I went into a glitter frenzy. I needed my nails to be sparkely. I wanted my glitter bigger, badder, more holo, more duochome, more unique... I couldn't get enough. And then once the indie custom polish craze hit... Oh man! It was like crack. I went into a free for all. My nails were constantly blingtastic. And I loved it. But then one day, my cuticles and nail beds starting shouting back at me. The amount of pure acetone remover and picking required to remove these glitters started to take it's toll. Combined with the fact that I felt like I had seen *everything*, suddenly plain creme polishes seemed... exotic. It had been awhile!! I decided to take a hiatus from glitter. And from my own personal frankening.

Right now I am really into bright vivid pastels. Maybe it is the time of the year, bright pastels have "spring" written all over them. The China Glaze Electro Pop Collection is really fitting the bill. I picked up a few colors. "Aquadelic" is a near dupe for "For Audrey" (also from China Glaze, in case you didn't already know that!!) "Aquadelic" is slightly brighter.

Anyway, I hope I get around to photographing and posting some of my indie polishes I have picked up recently! Don't get me wrong.. I still love glitter and more specifically the indie polish trend. The level of creativity and beauty I have seen in these polishes made never ceases to amaze me.

This was my birthday manicure from a few weeks ago. I was wearing "Aquadelic" and decided to give it a little bit of a glam touch :)

2 coats of "Aquadelic" and "Pirouette My Whistle" as a 2 layer gradation (not gradient!!) on the tips :)


  1. Haha, I feel the same way with glitter. I went glitter crazy for a while, and more recently I started just craving cream polishes. I still love glitters, but right now I'm really appreciating the simplicity and the ease of removal of a good cream.

  2. Love the glitter on the tips! Very pretty! :)