Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lynnderella Connect The Dots

About a month ago I received my epic haul from Llarowe. Included in the package were my Lynnderellas! Most importantly, I finally got my hands on "Connect The Dots". That was the polish that made me fall in love with Lynnderella. Surely you have all seen swatches of "Connect The Dots" already, so this is nothing new and ground breaking, but I still love it.
The base is an Essie color, I can not remember the name nor can I locate the bottle at the moment. If anyone recognizes the color, tell me the name in the comments section! *EDIT*- It is called "School of Hard Rocks"
I am not quite sure how many coats of CTD was used. I had my nails done at the salon (I'm getting lazy with doing my own nails lately), and my nail lady did the standard polish application procedure which is to gently wipe the excess on the inside of the neck of the bottle and apply a thin coat. This doesn't work with Lynns due to the amount and different sizes of glitter. The result was that only the tiny dot glitter went in to the nail. It looked like salt and pepper! So when I got home I applied another coat of CTD, but this time I applied it without wiping off the excess, and pushing the glitter evenly around on the nail.

So as much as I love Lynnderella polishes, I think I am satisfied with what I have in my collection (Connect The Dots, The Glittering Crowd, Snow Angel, One Nutty Fruit Cake, All Hallow's Eve, Shape Shifter, and Bride of Franken). There are a few new ones I would like, and I am kicking myself for not ordering "Very Pretty Vampire" or the "Glitter Tamer" topcoat, but it seems to be a lot of trouble to order now. You have to email a special email account, get a form, fill out the form, and then go on a wait list! This is testament to how wonderful and popular Lynnderellas are, but I think I am good now. I would rather let someone else who doesn't own any of these beauties get the chance to have some!

On that note, if anyone has "Very Pretty Vampire" and would like to swap it with me for "Snow Angel", please email me! "Snow Angel" is GORGEOUS, but I am just not loving it on me!!


  1. well i sure like this on you anyway! this chunky glitter seems to be so you somehow haha!
    maybe you can do a different base and you'll feel different about it?
    don't give up on it just yet!/Azure

  2. Beautiful manicure♥
    Following you ;)

  3. Looks beautiful so glad you got some lynderellas.

  4. This looks amazing! Very Jackson Pollock-y.