Monday, June 28, 2010


I apologize for my lack of posts. I've just been busy and haven't had much time to swatch, photograph, and upload.

Two days ago I noticed my nails were looking a little bit ragged. I haven't been using my beloved Nailtiques lately, which is bad especially since I have been growing them out for the first time in years. They are long and strong, but some of the tips are peeling. The nails on my left hand have a yellowish cast to them since I always swatch on my left hand.

I decided I needed a professional manicure. It was a Saturday evening, and I wasn't home and by the time I would have gone to to my regular nail salon it would have been closed. I found a place near where I was and they did a "cheap" mani-pedi. Only $18. I usually expect to pay $20-$27, depending on the place, and the day of the week. $18 on a Saturday seemed like a good deal.

I walked in and immediately I was turned off. It reeked like acetone. The whole salon looked very unprofessional. And the ultimate turn off... they had a very small selection of nail polish! A few standard selection of Essie colors and a jumble of colors from different brands. I saw a light blue color from a brand called Btouch that looked ok. Since the salon didn't LOOK unsanitary, I just figured I should give it a try and hope for the best.

Overall I think my nails came out nice. There were no frills in this mani/pedi, but the end result was fine. The color looked better on my nails than in the bottle.

I wish I had my camera when I was in the salon so I could have taken a picture of the polish bottle. Has anyone else heard of Btouch brand? The color I used was called "174-Ocean Blue". It reminds me more of a pool blue. I love this color and will try to extend the life of this mani/pedi as much as possible! Lets see how long it can last!


  1. i have heard of this brand, but i can never find it anywhere, they have some very cute vibrant colors, do you know where i can buy a couple?

  2. Nope. I have only seen them in 2 nail salons. I looked online and haven't been able to find them. If I find a store or website that has them for sale, I will be sure to post on my blog!
    They have an interesting super bright neon coral color with a blue shimmer flash to it. Unique. Not sure what it is called though.

  3. it is made by OPI....still can't find online!

  4. I just got a pedicure with btouch polish and found your blog during a search to find out where it's sold. I'm in love with my color too, but unfortunately I forgot to look at the name :(

  5. I was going to buy the b touch 193 from my salon. It is nice. I've been researching online too. All day at work people were asking me about the color of my nices. B Touch rocks!!!

  6. I've had two manicures with BTouch! It's great quality nail polish!!!! I NEED it, I can't find it anywhere. I'm definetly asking my nail tech when I return for my next mani

  7. Hi There we carry a small collection of BTouch products at our salon