Sunday, October 17, 2010


There are no pictures in this post (obviously!), but I felt like blogging anyway. For some reason it takes FOREVER to upload a picture to Blogger. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions as how to fix it? It is very discouraging because I would like to blog more, but it just takes too long and sometimes it doesn't even finish uploading. Hmm.


I saw an Orly Cosmic FX display at CVS today! I couldn't believe it. The polishes were only $6.99 as opposed to the $10.00 price tag at Ulta. I grabbed Galaxy Girl, and now my collection is complete! Now I won't have to open my bottle of MAC Formidable from the Disney Villains collection. Should I return it or Ebay it? I see them going for over $30 there! That is crazy! By the way, I can't wait until I try on MAC Bad Fairy!
At Sally Beauty Supply I saw 3 bottles of Orly It's Not Rocket Science in the clearance bin. I'm surprised it would be there already, but I guess it was the least appealing to the masses. I like the color and think it would look good as design over OPI Yodel Me On My Cell, which I am wearing today.


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    yes! I sometimes had this problem.

    Here is what i think; Blogger wants you to up-load photos your your Google Picasa account first, and then select them from there instead of directly uploading from your computer.

    I totally hated this when they first changed this feature but now I really like it.

    A+ on getting those polish's on sale!

  2. How much was the orly on clearance for! I love getting good sales!

    I tagged you in a post! Check it out here: