Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sh*t Nail Polish Addicts Say

Wow. Minus the "Navy" part, I'm guilty of saying ALL of these things! :D

Also I like how the uploader mentions in the description section: 
"i'm not wearing polish, cuz as much polish as i own, i'm often without. so that was the irony of it"

How many of you do the same thing? You have maybe literally hundreds of polishes, but you still often go bare? I know I do!


  1. haha this was hilarious to watch! but... i wear make up as often as i can so i can't agree to that part of having a lot of make up and go around with a blank face hehe....
    though i have bought the same product...twice... ah! but luckily i could give one away!!!/Azure

    1. I feel like makeup is different than polish.
      I have a decent amount of makeup and generally don't go completely bare faced (unless I'm in a rush or just chilling).
      I have a ridiculous amount of polish, but will often go bare nails or do a sloppy "skittle" swatch manicure, often just on my left hand LOL
      **(FYI, a "skittles" mani is when you do each of your nails different colors)

  2. i actually follow her on youtube she is so cute i love her, and i loved this video, its so true, btw i tagged you here

  3. some of these phrases I do say.. I have one drawer full of polishes..