Sunday, January 15, 2012

Claire's "Disco" glitter

Hello everyone! I have been having a great week. I am on vacation in Arizona. I absolutely love it! The landscape out here is beautiful and the weather is perfect!
I'm visiting friends and a few nights ago I kinda had a little too much wine, and then right before I was going to bed I thought "oh hey I should do my nails..." (I think we can all see where this is going, LOL)

I picked up some good polishes out here, one of them was Claire's "Disco". I LOVE holo glitter polishes. This is pure silver holo hexagons, all one size. Reminds me of American Apparel's "Light Year" which I wanted, but now I think "Disco" will satisfy me!

"Disco" is a little bit hard to apply, as are most medium/larger glitter polishes. I'm sure the wine didn't help my application skills!

I had a difficult time trying to get all the glitter evenly on my nail. You can see how it clumped in certain spots, particularly on my ring finger in the above photo.

It is a bit overkill, and it took some getting used to. It looks crazy rainbow shiny in direct sunlight of course, so much so that my camera couldn't capture it properly! I like that I can still see some of the flakies in between the glitter.

My dream polish would be a solid silver chrome that shines back a holo rainbow. Like the back of a CD. I think the closest I will get to that is a chunky holo glitter like this, or maybe one of those nail sticker things. I believe MinxLusion comes close, but I have not seen them IRL, so I can not be sure.

I'll probably leave this on until I get home. My gel mani is holding up pretty well, only the middle finger on my left and and my index on my right have chips. It has been almost 2 weeks.

Oh and I have 50 followers now!!! :) Yay!


  1. I think its really cute :)
    I personally also love designs with glitter but i always have a hard time getting it off again...
    Love, amy <3

    1. Glitter is easier to get off if you soak pieces of a paper towel and just keep them on your nails for a while.

      Glitter pieces are so hard to get on, this is amazing that there is so much!

  2. Wow! I love love love glitter. I can really see this combination on my nails although they're not as nice as yours.

  3. What a pretty polish I really like it!

  4. They look cute!!! I like the rainbow-shine over the black base..