Thursday, January 5, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix

Happy New Year everyone!

I have come to the conclusion that Brazil (and Australia too, due to Picture Polish and Ozotic) have some great nail polishes. If you are a muti/duochrome-flakie-holo-glitter fiend like me, you might have noticed that there are some gorgeous polishes from these countries. I decided to torture myself and do some research to look around for some polishes that I probably won't be able to get, on blogs I can't even read. (Although how many people READ blogs, I know that I usually go for the pictures and then maybe read what has to be said. Actually, I do read certain bloggers. But usually the pictures. If you are reading this right now without skipping to the picture, well, I admire that!!)

Anyway I came across this on CuteNailsBlog:

From what I gather it will be released March 2012. It looks like there are 6 colors. What makes this special is that there appear to be 3 different magnet patterns, which are sold separately from the polish. I will definitely be on the look out for this when they are released!

Right now I am trying my hardest to not purchase any new nail polish that is even remotely dupe-y. I think I have reached the point in my collection where I have a lot of variations on the same color, and if I see something I don't have, I can franken it. Of course reading all of my favorite nail blogs doesn't help!! But I can be strong!!! LOL

That being said, I did just order a bunch of *special* colors from Llarowe. Lynnderellas, Hits Mari Moons, Picture Polish Flakies, Glitter Gals and Elytras. I also picked up the entire line of Finger Paints Special Effects topcoats from Sallys.

I think 2012 will be a good year for nail polish!!! :)


  1. How exciting i hope i get some, i know what you mean i have top be strong too there is so many awesome things coming out, your so lucky to have gotten the fingerpaints both my sallys were sold out weeks ago. p.s glad to see you posting again!

  2. I don't read much on blogs either, except when you're after something special, or intercepts certain words, then find it real interesting. though blogs are so good to have when googeling something, because there are reviews on almost everything!
    magentric nails sounds really cool, though, I don't own any my self, but the pics show some real awesomeness!

  3. Awww too bad I found you late, I live in Brazil so I can get easily the ones you bought at Llawore :S.