Monday, January 9, 2012

I heart flakies....

As soon as I heard the FingerPaints was releasing a line of flakie topcoats I KNEW I needed them. I was at Sally's in early December and I found 2 of the colors- Twisted and Flashy. Score! I managed to find then early, before the official release date. They were stuck behind the main FingerPaints display. I love the thrill of a good nail polish hunt/find!
I had to wait until December 31st to find the other ones. I called my local Sallys to reserve them, and they said they were out on display already for the next day. I went and snatched them up!

My New Year's Eve manicure was going to be Essie's Sexy Divide (a dark shimmery purple) topped with Twisted and OPI's Lily I Love You (a gorgeous glitter flake in a sheer pink base). I decided to go get them professionally done. The night before I went, I found this from Nailderellanails. WOW. Aside from being beautiful, it was very similar to the manicure I had planned. The next day when I went to the salon I couldn't find Sexy Divide! So I remembered the "Unicorn Puke Remake" and chose a dark almost black red. I can't remember the name, sorry! The manicure came out beautiful. I didn't take pictures, but you can take a look at that link and see how good it looked!

The only problem was... it chipped so fast! :( So a week later I went back to the salon and got a black gel manicure and topped it with 2 coats FingerPaints Asylum and then 1 coat Motley. So far the black base hasn't chipped! I love it!
 It actually is a tad more purple colored in real life. I'm not sure why "blurple" is so hard to photograph?!

You can see the slight green duochrome shift in the second picture.

The only problem with applying the flakes over the gel is that the flakes kind of melt onto the gel base when using polish remover to take off the flakes. They are hard to remove without physically picking off the flakes.  


  1. I'm really a bad person when it comes to nails but I'm trying to do better! One polish I adore is the 2010 from Nubar and it's a flaky one. This combo you've created is just dashing and your nails are just so well groomed! Love it!

  2. Looks amazing I'm jealous of your beautiful rainbow flakies!

  3. I <3 the flakie look !! And by the way your blog is really cool!

  4. The dark purple I have but I think I really need that OPI "lilly I love you"!!!